E-commerce Development

E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce website development is developing the technical aspects of your e-commerce website—how it functions, accepts payments, responds to a user action, and appears aesthetically. A well-designed e-commerce website will increase your site’s conversion rate, driving more sales and revenue for your business.

Our Expert Dedicated E-Commerce Development Team

E-commerce is growing by 23% yearly, yet most businesses do not have an online store presence. Not only are these businesses losing to their competition, but they are also losing their customer base. Moreover, e-commerce businesses still need to fully explore the immense potential of e-commerce website solutions that can give them a winning edge.

• Online stores need periodic maintenance and continual updates to deliver superior performance. Our e-commerce website solutions comprise a range of cutting-edge services for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.


• Get superior order management and carting solutions that assure excellent user experience and customer satisfaction. Our e-commerce website development services offer robust and reliable shopping cart solutions with error-free order management.


• As the digital environment evolves rapidly, mobility solutions are crucial for continued business success. We ensure that your ecommerce website runs smoothly and maintains cross-platform compatibility through our ecommerce website development services.


• Secure protocols and encryptions are used throughout our solutions to guarantee complete security during account creation, transactions, and browsing.

Our Passionate Team Has Proven Expertise in the Following Areas of E-Commerce Website Development

Ecommerce Strategy & Consultation

Our e-commerce development team has the expertise to help you build a unique e-commerce store suited to your business and even help you run the online store.

We can also assist with custom solutions for a multichannel customer service flow connecting online sales, ERP, customer service, and marketing. Our specialists will help you decide on a platform and develop the right strategy for your business.

Custom eCommerce Design

Our expert UI / UX designers are the best at creating a user-friendly and functional online store.

At Nexenity, strive to create the best user experience by combining innovation, creativity, conversion, and content that will help your online store stand apart from the competition.

Ecommerce Website Development

At Nexenity, we cover everything from basic eCommerce functionality to sophisticated Design, product attributes, and custom feature developments.

We have years of expertise in creating e-commerce websites that align with industry trends and customer preferences.

Ecommerce Website Optimization

Design, functionality, usability, and user experience all determine how successful your ecommerce website will be compared to your competitors.

At Nexenity, we focus on making online stores faster and more reliable. Our e-commerce websites are secure and scalable and focus on improving your customer experience.

Ecommerce Platform Migration

Suppose your current ecommerce solution is hindering your business development and growth. Let us know your expectations, and we will help you move to a more flexible and scalable architecture and seamlessly transfer all your business data.

Custom eCommerce Development

An off-the-shelf e-commerce product may seem highly attractive as it is affordable and easy to handle. However, this may not always be true, depending on the needs of the business.

At Nexenity, our e-commerce developers will take the time to understand your goals and work closely with you to develop the best solution possible for your budget.

Superior Order Management Solutions

With the right order management solution, you can enjoy zero-error order management. Our superior order management solutions will ensure your e-commerce website delivers high performance under pressure.

Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

We offer scalable e-commerce architecture and cloud solutions for your B2B or B2C e-commerce website. Our approach to design is simple yet effective: we create a lightweight, high-performing solution that allows you to focus on what’s most important—your business.

High Security and Data Protection

Based on customer requirements, secure protocols and encryption techniques are implemented to protect customers from identity theft, data theft, and fraudulent transactions.

Advanced fraud prevention techniques, monitoring systems, highly secure payment gateways, and secure authentication processes are a few of the other security features we offer our clients.

Laravel Development

Nexenity employs a web development team comprising passionate and skilled developers with 4+ years of practical software solutions development using Laravel.

WooCommerce Development

If you want to build an e-commerce site, the first name that pops up is WordPress’s eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce. We will help you create a one-of-a-kind online shopping brand to help you realize your vision for your e-commerce business. At Nexenity, we can take care of all aspects of your online store, be it store design and marketing to hosting and maintenance, ensuring that you achieve your ultimate goal – creating a successful online store.

PrestaShop Development

Are you looking to develop a new storefront? Want to migrate to Prestashop? Need to get an extension developed? Or are you only looking to hire a skilled developer?


Get all that here at Nexenity.

Magento Development

We help online retailers build and support their online stores. Are you looking to develop a new storefront? Want to migrate to Magento 2? Need to get an extension developed? Or are you only looking to hire a skilled developer?

Get all of that here, at Nexenity.